Darrell Boeck (pronounced "Beck"), Owner/Creative Director
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TV & Film have always been a part of Darrell Boeck’s life. As a child, Darrell loved special effects and would often explain to his grade school friends how the effects were accomplished.

Darrell’s award winning career in videography began in 1988. While Creative Images was growing as a part-time business, he found himself working for a dealer of professional video equipment. This meant working for someone else during the day, and long nights editing for his clients. Finally in the mid-1990’s, Creative Images became his full-time passion, working with a diverse family of clients, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, the US Government to international television.

Always looking for ways to advance in the videography field, Darrell has designed equipment specifically to aid Creative Images during on-location shoots, from remote controlled cameras to wireless lighting systems. He enjoys utilizing the latest technology available to capture unique images and is an FAA licensed drone pilot.

As a national seminar speaker, he enjoys teaching other professionals at video conventions. With a keen eye and an editor’s mind for how the finished product should look, Darrell is able to capture the unplanned shots, the unexpected moments and the overlooked details in beautifully composed, smoothly executed shots.

Darrell was the director and cinematographer of an international television show which had him on-location in remote areas of Africa, Italy and Greece. He could be found working while flying upside-down in stunt planes, on the edge of a 200 foot waterfall, and filming a yacht race while sailing crystal clear seas. Back home at Creative Images, Darrell is usually the one answering the phone. He enjoys playing on his 80 acres of land in the north woods of Wisconsin, and ADORES his new granddaughter.

Toni Krick, Editor/Production Assistant
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To Toni Krick, an interest in the visual arts was almost inevitable. Her father, a professional photographer, gave her a much-desired video camera when she was 15. Video editing computer software followed a few Christmas’ later.

By video-taping high school functions, Toni established a name for herself as the go-to girl among her classmates for information on the developing technology. A graduation gift of a new video camera followed her on a trip to Germany, where she found countless opportunities to experiment and hone her skills.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, Toni fulfilled three internships in the visual arts field. Her previous experience includes stints as a camera operator for local television news, a creator and editor for a public access show, and a production assistant for many local commercials and music videos.

At Creative Images, she enjoys sitting down with the clients to determine just what they are looking for in a finished product. Her editing and videography skills are a valuable asset to the company’s future.

When she is not working, Toni enjoys gardening, drawing, photography, quilting, travel and playing with her two kids.